Protestant Aid is pleased to confirm that its operations are in full accordance with a recent statement from a representative body of Irish charities, the ICTR, which said that charities must at all times display full transparency and full public accountability in how they fundraise and in how fundraised money is allocated.

Every cent raised by PA is distributed to those in need without any deductions for administrative costs and the charity’s fully audited annual accounts are readily available for scrutiny on its website –

As a consequence, PA is confident that its operations will meet the conditions of the new Charities Act on which the ICTR is currently working closely with Government. The new Act aims to provide both charities and the general public with clear understandings and assurances on issues such as governance, fundraising and financial reporting.

While the specific affairs of each charity are a matter for its individual Board, ICTR believes that all charities should operate according to clear and specific fundraising principles. It is essential that the strong trust of the general public in charities and their services be maintained and fostered.

According to PA Chairman Arthur Vincent, “The ICTR statement says that the general public expects charities to be run to high standards, with full transparency on all issues related to financial matters. This has been the modus operandi of Protestant Aid and it is our aim for the future too.”