Working in tandem with other aid agencies, Protestant Aid helps people whose difficulties have been brought to its attention through social workers and local clergy.

General Grants

The aim of the General Grant scheme is to give financial assistance to individuals or families at a time of particular need. Applications are received through clergy or social workers along with a clear report outlining the circumstances of the case, enabling the Charity Committee to assess the situation appropriately.

Please be assured that all requests for grant assistance are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Annuity Fuel Scheme

The Annuity Fuel scheme is designed to provide a heating allowance during the winter months, primarily to the over-65s who are living at home.

Prospective annuitants are identified through their Rectors/Ministers who refer all applications to Protestant Aid for consideration.

Annuities for the Elderly

The Annuity Grant scheme is designed to add to the quality of life of individuals or couples aged over 65, living at home or in Sheltered Housing, through the provision of financial aid by way of a quarterly grant.

Prospective annuitants are identified through the General Grant Scheme, as submitted to Protestant Aid by clergy, and are subsequently visited by Protestant Aid’s Head of Charitable Services.

Applicants who own a house/property may be asked to sign a Promissory Note agreeing that the amount received (through the annuity) will be recoverable from their estate.

How to Apply:

Applications may only be submitted to Protestant Aid through an applicant’s Clergy or Social Worker. Each case is considered on an individual basis by the charitable services committee.

Protestant Aid will handle all cases brought to its attention with the same compassion and confidentiality that its founders adopted. Please be assured that all requests for grant assistance are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

For further information on any of our schemes, please contact our Head of Charitable Services.

Schools Fees Grant

This scheme is intended to support school fees for second level students (or day boarding expenses for schools that are part of the free education system). If the application is successful, the payment will issue direct to the school. All applicants must be in receipt of, or eligible for, an SEC grant.

Schools Expenses Grant

A grant for general school expenses e.g. books, uniform and travel, may be available subject to income level. This grant, if awarded, will be sent direct to the parent/guardian.

All Protestant students attending Protestant managed Secondary Schools may be eligible to apply for these grants

“I will never forget the kindness and compassion that was like an oasis in a desert of hardship during an acutely horrible time in our lives. The generosity of Protestant Aid made such a difference to our ability to cope during this awful period. From that time, we have steadily put ourselves back together having laid down more wholesome, solid foundations that we continue to build on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Aid from Protestants rather than for Protestants.

Despite what its name might suggest, Protestant Aid operates on a strictly non-denominational basis and all cases are judged equally, regardless of religious, ethnic or social background and grants are given following reviews by its Head of Charitable Services.